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The Kitsap Veterinary Hospital team

Our staff of expert veterinary doctors and skilled vet assistants and technicians are ready to help when your pet needs us. Contact us today to learn more.



Jennifer, a Wyoming native, has been a technician at Kitsap Veterinary Hospital since 1989 and a licensed Technician since 1994. Jen is our go to girl for surgery as she is exceptionally talented and experienced. Twice a week, she arrives wearing scrubs and can be seen leaving the building in soccer gear- with a gleam in her eye. Her family enjoys a dedicated Mom and Wife who crafts in her spare time, her most recent interest is quilting. Her furry kids include two cats, two dogs and the memory of her beloved Sprite- a truly great dog.


Stephanie was born and raised in Connecticut. She joined us here at Kitsap Veterinary Hospital in April 2014. She has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician since 2006 and has a great deal of passion for and experience in Emergency Medicine. She also enjoys working with reptiles. Stephanie moved to this area with her husband who is in the Navy. She enjoys photography, classic cars and hiking with her Great Dane Zeppelin.



Ottessa is truly a wonder of industriousness. Not only is she a full time, relied upon addition to Kitsap Veterinary Hospital, she is a Mary Kay representative and has been a licensed veterinary technician since 2014. Tess has a great background as she previously worked at the Kitsap Humane Society and really enjoys educating people about how to improve pet health. Her children; Brianna, Justice, and fiancé Joe share their home with their three Akitas and two cats.




Amanda has been with us since 2010. She has been a veterinary receptionist for over 5 years prior joining Kitsap Veterinary Hospital. Amanda has an amazing memory for people: their stories and names. We believe it is her deep sense of caring for people that bolsters this unique talent. You can always count on her for a smile and when she laughs- you want to laugh along with her. During her off time, she enjoys riding quads, spending time with her family and friends and exploring new places with her boyfriend Shawn. She also spends a good deal of her time taking care of her kitty friend -Spanky. Although she emphatically maintains she is not a domestic goddess, she is often the one making sure everyone’s needs are met both clients and staff alike.



Kathy is truly a pillar at Kitsap Veterinary Hospital, having celebrated 13 years of service with us. Because she was born, raised and has lived in Port Orchard her whole life, you can always count on her to know you and your family, greeting you by name, making you feel welcome. She and her husband Lenn have raised two boys they are very proud of, “good kids”. In addition to enjoying a gentler hobby of cross-stitch, you can often find her at the ocean amongst the big kite flyers, or reading and watching “who done it” stories and camping with the family. Her humor and unexpected jokes have earned her the nickname of Trouble here at Kitsap Veterinary Hospital. With the kids grown, she and Lenn share their home with their two springer spaniels, Delilah and Annie.



Susan is new to Kitsap Vet, a native Floridian transplanted by her husband’s career. She has had a passion for all animals ever since her first puppy, Friskie. Her niece is studying to become a Veterinarian. Even though she is still learning, she takes great pride in customer service. She believes the pets best interest is always #1 and goes out of her way to make them feel welcomed along with their owners. She enjoys her free time with her Australian Shephard/Flatcoat Retriever Rascal, along with her many hobbies; gardening, traveling, cooking, crafts, snowmobiling and keeping in touch with family and friends near and far. Her smile and laugh is very contagious. Her motto is “dance in life, enjoy it to the fullest”.

Accountant & Bookkeeper



Dianne has been the bookkeeper at Kitsap Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years. Our clients do not always see her but she is most admired by the entire staff and is truly the unsung hero among us. Dianne has a keen mind for accounting and is as dependable as the day is long. She and her husband Steve own a non-emergent medical transportation company, which provides invaluable transport for those who seek medical care. They have two grown girls and enjoy travelling- most recently to Italy. Although born and raised a “farm girl” in Quincy, Washington, she claims not to have retained any of those skills. However, she does possess the skills of a “Soccer Fiend”, who is reported to be scary fast on the field and competed in the World Masters Soccer Competition in Italy in 2013.

Hospital Manager



Shana has been in the veterinary field for over 15 years. She as been a receptionist, an assistant and became a licensed technician in 2002. Shana joined Kitsap Veterinary Hospital in March 2013 as our hospital manager after completing her AA in Business Management. Her two professional passions are customer service and veterinary medicine so an opportunity to combine the two was very exciting. Shana has been a happy, energetic and knowledgeable addition to the team. She enjoys reading, photography, singing, crafts and the outdoors. She and her two younger sisters share their home with their 3 cats; Cobweb, Peasblossom and Mischief and two hamsters; BMO and Football.